Learning to learn

The „Learning to learn“ module involves writing a portfolio in which you record your learning experience throughout the Study Camp.
This means you get various topics and assignments to help you to record your learning progress and experience in a learning portfolio.

Writing the portfolio is like a tool which enables you to focus and reflect on the way you learn, to find out how you get yourself organised, how to structure what you have learnt and how to utilize your resources well.


In order to attend the „Learning to learn“ module, it is required to sign up for one of the following course combinations:
•    English + 2 courses „Learning new skills“
•    German + 2 Courses „Learning new skills“
•    3 courses „Learning new skills“

One course „Learning new skills“ may be replaced by a bridging course at your faculty.

Please note that in order to write the portfolio, you must attend the welcome event and also take an advising session. If you are unable to attend the welcome event, please contact the instructors who supervise the learning portfolio at lerntagebuch@hs-hannover.de.

Upon completion of the learning portfolio, you will receive a certificate with a final grade and earn up to 3 credit points. Contact your Examinations Office to find out whether the credit points can be recognised for your study course.

Advising dates and hours:

09 September 2019