I am a beginning student. Do I have to take part in the Study Camp to get prepared for my studies?

No. Your participation is completely voluntary. The Study Camp is a special service of the Hochschule Hannover offered basically free of charge to its new students each year. None of its courses is required for your studies.


I am all set to embark on my study-abroad semester at the Hochschule Hannover. Do I have to attend the Study Camp?

No, there is no obligation to attend. But it is a good chance to increase your language skills, work on your key competencies, settle in and get ready for your studies. There is also a chance to earn some extra credits early on before your regular courses begin. Such credits may even count toward your credit requirements at your home university. The best way to go about this is to mention your participation in the Study Camp in your Learning Agreement.


Can I sign up for a single program only?

Basically, you can select your programs as you like. For example, you may sign up for the Welcome event only, or choose one or more events from Learning New Skills, or from Learning to Connect - there are many options. The Study Camp is designed to give you a whole lot of possibilities to pursue your interests.

In any case, please be cautious about your registration. We count on you as a responsible student who sticks to his or her decision once it is made.


I cannot participate during the first week and would like to join the Study Camp in the second week. Is that possible?

Basically, you can sign up for any programs that interest you – no matter when these are scheduled. But you should be aware of the requirements that apply if you want to sign up for writing the Learning Portfolio and earn credits. If you fail to meet these requirements, you can still attend courses of the Study Camp, but you cannot earn credits.


For which programs should I sign up if I want to write the Learning Portfolio that goes with the Learning to Learn module?

For the Learning to Learn module, you have two options:

a) sign up for one course in Learning a Language plus at least two courses in Learning New Skills


b) three courses in Learning New Skills plus registration for the Learning Portfolio in Learning to Learn (be sure to sign up during the Welcome event).


What is the language of instruction in the courses?

Basically we try to offer all programs in German as well as English. To find out the language of instruction for a specific program, please check the course listings on our website.


I cannot attend the Welcome event. What should I do?

If you signed up for the Learning Portfolio that goes with the Learning to Learn module, your presence during the Welcome event is required. Should you not be able to attend, notify us by e-mail at lerntagebuch(at)hs-hannover.de.

If you signed up for programs in Learning to Connect but cannot attend the Welcome event, you will not be able to pay the individual charges right there, as required. In this case, notify us as soon as possible by e-mail at studycamp(at)hs-hannover.de, so we can make another arrangement for you to pay the fee.


I fell sick and have to miss at least some of the scheduled course dates. What should I do?

Please cancel your registration as soon as possible by e-mail at studycamp(at)hs-hannover.de, or by phone at 0511 9296-3744.


I signed up for a course, but I may not be able to attend. Can I cancel?

Once you sign up for a course, you oblige yourself to attend. The instructors in particular must be able to rely on your participation in order to prepare their courses. So your cancellation can only be accepted in very urgent and exceptional cases.


I am looking for a list of Study Camp programs or complete overview of events and venues.

A detailed overview of courses and schedules is available here: Programs

An overview of the various locations as well as contact information is available here: Guide



Are there going to be any extra costs for some events / excursions?

Basically, all Study Camp programs are free of charge. There are only some events in the Learning to Connect module, for which entrance fees or other individual costs will be charged. For specific information about these extra expenses please check the Learning to Connect area on our website.


Starting when can I use my semester ticket to enjoy free rides on local transit lines?

The HsH Card is valid starting on the 1st of September. It will be sent to you by our student administration after your payment of the semester fees is confirmed. It entitles you to free rides on all local transit lines including trams, buses and suburban trains in Hannover as well as regional trains within Lower Saxony. It also entitles you to pay less for warm meals in the dining halls of the various HsH locations.


You have an emergency?

Or simply couldn’t find an answer to your question?

Contact us! Write an e-mail to studycamp(at)hs-hannover.de, or give us a call at 0511-9296-3744. We will be glad to help you.