Appreciative Communication

Location: Campus Linden 1H.1.19
Lecturer: Jessica Lerena-Dreger
Max. Participants: 20
Language: German
05.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)
06.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)

How long do you manage to observe people without making a judgement?

Appreciative communication is a term used to describe a concept and method to improve interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, which was developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg in the sixties.

This workshop will give you some eye-opening experiences and show you how to see certain situations of conflict with different eyes. You will get impulses to develop new "speech and behaviour patterns".

Further goals of the workshop include:

  • Making a change in perspective; acknowledge other people’s concerns and beliefs as essential features for engaging in talks of conflict resolution
  • Improving one’s ability to decide and act
  • Presence and mindfulness in difficult conversation scenarios
  • Preventive health care; to be in balance with oneself and others and strengthen one’s company’s capacity to compete
  • Stress reduction; improve the ability to clear one’s mind by being in touch with one’s own needs and emotions.