Playground for Startup Ideas

Location: Campus Linden 1H.1.19
Lecturer: Nora Hesse
Max. Participants: 25
Language: German
12.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)
13.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)

Playground for Startup Ideas


NEXSTER provides insight into the startup process and explains in three steps how easy it can be to start your own small business.

  • Brainstorming: use your imagination  – developing a vision
  • Putting the pieces together: building a business plan
  • The risk issue: Will my idea pay off?  

In this workshop you will think and act like an entrepreneur. The aim is to expose students to certain challenges and to enable them to find answers to those challenges by developing their entrepreneurial and innovative skills. NEXSTER startup coaches will be present for guidance and support. 

You can participate in this workshop irrespective of whether you have a specific idea or have any experience with startups. It is for students in general including those who never had anything to do with the topic of startups.

If possible, bring your notebooks with WLAN access.

(source of image: deagreez ; fotolia )