Location: Campus Linden 1H.1.07
Lecturer: Jessica Lerena-Dreger
Max. Participants: 15
Language: German
12.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)
13.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)

Resilience – Coping with Academic Pressure

Increase your ability to keep calm and carry on.
Why do some people manage to deal with stressful situations better than others do? What makes them psychologically more resilient under pressure?
Current studies show that the factors for building a person’s resilience are not necessarily hereditary or genetically determined, but they can be actively acquired and developed over time. Once this is acknowledged, your possibilities for action are gaining importance: Strengthen your individual resilience and improve your stress management skills!
This  course provides insight into the current theories based on research that builds on the „seven pillars of resilience“. Besides the theory part, your focus will be on self-reflection, on learning to understand what makes you „strong and resilient“ as an individual. The overall goal is to foster stress reduction and burn-out prevention.

(source of image: Tiko ; fotolia )