Location: Campus Linden 1C.0.06
Lecturer: Timm Wenzlaff
Max. Participants: 20
Language: German
12.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)
13.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)

Photoshop Basics   

This course is for beginners only, or those who have never worked with Photoshop. We shall learn basic tools and techniques of image editing and finally apply these techniques to complete an exciting task.


  • Getting to know the Photoshop interface
  • Working with layers
  • Cropping/clipping of photographs
  • Image editing using transform tools
  • Layer styles and fill options

Please bring the "Hochschule Hannover Accout" you will get before starting your studies.

(source of image: nd3000 ; fotolia )