Scientific working

Location: Campus Linden 1H.1.27
Lecturer: Bekje Leykum, Timm Wenzlaff
Max. Participants: 25
Language: German
03.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)
04.09.2019 (14:15h - 17:30h)

Scientific working

What does scientific work mean in the university context? How are scientific studies structured and are there any guidelines to be observed? Scientific work is not only centered on writing; basically involved is also the critical discussion of scientific texts, developing a line of arguments and, most of all, following any given rules.

Workshop topics:

  • Defining scientific work
  • Structuring scientific papers
  • Guidelines for scientific studies
  • Critical discussion of topics
  • Taking different perspectives


(source of image: Jacob Lund; fotolia)