Campus tours

Location: Campus Linden
Lecturer: Study Camp Team
Max. Participants: 350
Language: German and English
02.09.2019 (13:00h - 15:00h)

Campus Tours

Together we shall take a walk around the campuses in Linden and at Bismarckstraße. In Linden you will take a look at the sites where most of your Study Camp courses are held.  You will also get to see the central library, the faculties housed on this campus, the student restaurant and other sites that are of interest to you.

The Bismarckstraße location is the place where your language courses take place. Here you will also visit other important university units such as the International Office, MyStudy Advising, Soziale Öffnung (Social outreach), etc.

And not to forget - later on, during your first-semester week, your tutors will take you on a tour across your particular campus, be it Faculty III, Faculty V, or Ahlem.   

(source of image: HsH)