What it is

The Study Camp is a two-week programme of workshops and other activities that offer new students an outlook on, and preparation for, their upcoming studies at the Hochschule Hannover.

With your own schedule to suit your individual needs, this is an opportunity for you to get ready for the challenges of university life, to adjust to the new environment and meet your fellow students.

How all this works and which courses are available can be found on the following pages. Be sure to take a look at the video to get a first impression.

The idea behind it:

The Study Camp is designed to make your transition to university life as smooth and easy as possible.
Students who come to the Hochschule Hannover often have diverse kinds of credentials and experience. This led us to establish a basic programme, from which participants can select those items that best suit their individual needs and interests.

We offer courses and workshops from four different learning fields.
You are free to make your own personal schedule - take a maximum number of courses throughout the Study Camp, or attend just one course.

You decide to which extent you want to take advantage of the course offerings. If you just wish to meet your fellow students and get used to your new study environment, this is okay as well.

It is all your choice.


The benefits will be numerous:


You can ….

  • learn essential study techniques
  • refresh or expand your language skills
  • connect with your fellow students
  • become familiar with your new study environment
  • earn credit points even before beginning your regular studies (recognition is subject to approval by the respective faculty)


Join in with the Study Camp!

Since the number of participants is limited, it is advisable to register as early as possible.

Basically, your participation is cost-free.